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Hudson Valley article  faux finishes
Whether you’d like a one-of-a-kind glass lamp, a faux-paint job, or even a full-scale renovation, local master craftsmen are here to help.
By: Valerie Havas and Rita Ross Published December 14, 2007 at 12:00 AM
Sometimes fake really can be fabulous. Just ask Patrick Crews, one of the artists at Fauxever Walls, which specializes in decorative and faux-paint finishes. They can mimic the look of virtually anything, from cracked marble to polished wood, to the iridescent sheen of an abalone shell. One client wanted an exotic treatment for her powder room, which featured a chandelier festooned with fez-wearing monkeys. The solution, involving a lot of cheesecloth, a little sanding and some meticulous hand-glazing, was a reptile-skin finish. “It looked like a really nice alligator purse,” Crews says, laughing. An Italian eatery in Dutchess County got a sand finish (“real plaster has sand in it,” he says), with the walls glazed in earthy browns and umbers to give them a Tuscan look.
For homeowners who want to add visual interest to plain, flat walls, Crews and his colleagues first create the desired texture, then mix and apply pigment. Their tools run the gamut from ordinary rags to special badger-hair brushes (with hairs, he says, “that come from the belly of a British badger and are used to create a cloud-like effect”).
The company takes pains to keep up with new products and techniques. “We’re trained by the manufacturers of the products we use,” says Crews. “We’ve all taken classes and worked with master faux artists in the industry.” Among those masters is owner Darron Andress, who has been “training” Crews for over 15 years.
The finishes should last at least 25 to 30 years. “This is an investment,” Crews notes. “We want to add to the general ambiance of your space in a lasting way.”
Prices depend on the scope and complexity of the work, with sample boards and initial consultations free. The company can also create painted finishes on furniture and cabinetry.
Painted finishes not only give ordinary walls a visual boost, but disguise less-than-perfect surfaces. Top left: An Old World–style distressed plaster with multiple colors in glazed overlays resembles European sandstone plaster. Top right: Italian textured plaster gives a muted effect, like the true unburnished Venetian type. Embedded copper leaf (left) adds a rich, contemporary look and isn‘t nearly as expensive as it looks. Pewter, nickel, or silver are other options

Venetian Plaster in Miami

The use of Venetian plaster in Miami is a natural choice to compliment our uniquely Floridian design aesthetic. Venetian Plaster imparts the glamorous look of polished marble and natural stone to your Décor this smooth finish is layered with multidimensional, two tone appearances of marble surfaces, adding visual interest to otherwise flat walls. The warm hues of Venetian plaster are equally at home in casual, contemporary or traditional rooms adding an essential layer of detail to any design. Use of Venetian plaster in Miami reflects the colors and textures of our unique natural environment.
Monochromatic shades give the feeling of coral stone or natural limestone while shades of blue reference the sparkling blue waters and brilliant skies we enjoy here in Miami.
This product is not paint, it is a plaster composed of fine grains of marble in a polymer lime base. It is applied to your existing wall surfaces in multiple layers using trowels. The final layer is then hand burnished to the desired level of sheen with finishing trowels. In different variations this technique has been used in many different parts of the world for hundreds of years. It is a truly a classic and elegant finish for any interior. Contact Elite Walls for quality Venetian plaster in Miami.