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Faux Plasters

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Faux Glazes

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Metallic Faux

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Faux Wood

Most Popular

• Old World Finishes
• Italian Stucco
• French Glazes
• Lusterstone
• Contemporary
• Metallic
• Metallic Leaf
• Hand Rubbed Waxes

Most Coveted Finishes

• Lusterstone ® (thinly applied plaster with a fine marble dust)
• French Glazes (translucent color glazes over a solid base)
• Murano Plaster (a traditional thickly applied Italian plaster)
• Sanded Plaster (light sand plaster)
• Italian Plasters (sanded base, smooth top)
• Venetian Plaster (smooth high gloss plaster of varying shades)
• Lime Washes (traditional lime base application / gouache tones)
• Metal Leafing (gold, silver, copper)
• Verdigris on Copper (weather effects on copper base)
• Linen Finishes
• Alligator Leather